Hangarau means technology in the native New Zealand Maori language.

It is the aim of Hangarau Pty Ltd to use technology to assist companies develop high performance products that meet the needs of their end customers. 

Our broad experience of over 25 years in the chemical industry lends us to supporting customers making a wide variety of products. 

With our strong emphasis on environmentally responsible chemistry / materials, that are also economically beneficial, we leverage our extensive technical knowledge to assist customers significantly improve their offering to the market and gain a competitive advantage.

Our primary focus is on technology for

  • Hydraulic binder systems
  • Composite materials
  • Timber & wood fibre processing, treatment and preservation

Gypsum anhydrite

Synthetic, natural and flue-gas are available and each has it’s benefits depending upon the application. We are happy to provide guidance.

Alpha gypsum

High quality alpha gypsum is available. Alpha gypsum is much stronger than beta gypsum, which is the more readily available material. Alpha gypsum should be used where extreme hardness is required with one example being dental plaster.

Aluminate cements

We supply calcium sulpho-aluminate cement (CSA). In many instances this provides superior performance, durability and economics to calcium aluminate cement. When added to Portland cement very fast setting can be achieved.

Circular Economic Materials & Solutions

As materials based industries drive to creating a circular economy there is a need to both source product that can be ‘up’ or ‘re’ cycled as well as find solutions for reducing or repurposing waste materials and packaging. We’ve developed significant experience in this area and can help you  participate in the circular economy.

Cement accelerators and retarders

Our primary accelerator is lithium carbonate, which is used for accelerating aluminate cement.  The fineness of this grade is excellent. The product has good consistency and is produced specifically for this purpose.

Other accelerators and retarders are available.


We have undensified and densified microsilica.

Basalt Fibre, Roving, Fabric & Rebar agents

Basalt adds strength, chemical, electromagnetic and fire retardancy whilst reducing weight of materials such as concrete, plastics, roading and building materials.

With a variety of material diameter, lengths, fabric densities & sizing types please speak to us about your requirements.

Timber and wood processing

We offer a range of technologies to preserve, bind and process timber and wood fibre. These assist in reducing the toxicity of chemicals used and increase the sustainability of binders and processing aids, often including renewable content.

Additives for hydraulic & liquid systems

With a range of additives including thickeners based on diutan gum, superplasticizers and other formulating additives we have a range of materials to solve formulation, processing, storage , application and performance properties.

Hangarau And its products

Delivering high quality materials economically, in full and on time is a given for our business. Beyond this our approach is to provide options and technology to our customers. We like helping people and especially with technology based solutions. Our products are high quality and so is our service!